Iberia to operate the A380

Very surprising to say the least

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Thanks so much for sending the link in Spanish. :/

All I could understand is that it will fly Madrid - Beijing.

If this gets added it would be a good time to remove Air Austral and Transaero.

Glad to see another airline flying the mind blowing beast

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I wanna see Ryanair as the next customer. ;)

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Interesting, didn’t expect this to say the least.

For those of you who don’t understand Spanish - the last two A380s that were destined for BA (G-XLEK -> G-XLEL I believe) will be painted in the Iberia livery in Manchester before entering service with Iberia at the end of March.

It will be used to ease congestion on busy London - Beijing routes.

Initially it will have a BA cabin, but it will be changed to the Iberia cabin around summer 2016 when the manufacturer can supply it.


Why are BA not receiving these two A380’s?

Obviously parent company (IAG) decided it was necessary for Iberia to have them instead.

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BA has enough A380s-No need for more. Since it’s codt prohibitive to face cancellation penalties/storage costs for those extra frames, IAG decided to allocate them to an airline that can use them economically, Iberia

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Copy link, paste in google translate.

Or read post #7 where I summarised it in perfect English ;)

Oh my god no. Iberia can’t be good having them.

They are already having financial difficulties… BA needs them more…

It’s IAG not BA. IB has its fair share of routes that can certainly be profitable with increased capacity. And for an airline that has certainly proven it can get by with 4-holers, the A380 has potential.

I don’t think there will be profit…

MH is one great example

It might make profit if they put one into PEK/China cites and the other for LAX/JFK/MIA

Yes, it will likely profit for some of those routes.

CS is actually getting profit from CAN-PEK

EK is getting profit from Kuwait-Dubai and other short A380 routes

If they put it on the MAD-LHR/CDG/FRA route I believe profit in those

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Ranger Creek - Madrid.
So profitable and runway long enough for scale model versions. All that is needed is for scale model humans to go with it and pay for the tickets.

Would be funny seeing a jetBlue A380

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More useful then Iberia

LAX-JFK JFK-SFO SFO-MIA all high cap route will be profitable for this bird