Iberia’s Upside Down Adventure

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I decided to fly upside down for scenery and stunt purposes for fun.
Please do not do these stunts in live servers as they abuse the rules and it is childish behaviour. Solo is the only server stunts are acceptable!

Departure time: 3:34pm
Aircraft: Iberia A350
Server: Solo
Location: Barcelona El Prat Airport

Stunts (The first picture looks like a smilie face) Comment if u spot it!

Upside down side view

Sideways stunt

Comment if you want me to do more!


Nice shots mate but you’re only allowed to post one topic in the #screenshots-and-videos category a day.

Here’s your other topic

And here’s the rules if you need a refresher

Note this is not to abuse the rules, this was performed in solo due to rules in live servers.

Oh ok I didn’t know, let’s hope they don’t close this one

Maybe read the rules about #screenshots-and-videos before posting. Just a heads up! :)

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Yes, that’s how airplanes fly… Love the A350!

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Ok, @Qantas094 clarified this to me

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