Iberia Regional (Air Nostrum) Bombardier CRJ-1000

Picture Source: Jetphotos https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8566735
Iberia Regional is a regional airline which is operated by Air Nostrum.
It would be cool to see this livery in the CRJ-1000 once global is out along with the CRJ family update (if this livery is added) to do short and medium haul flights around Spain and Europe. Currently this is the latest aircraft in Iberia Regional/Air Nostrum’s fleet.
About the Bombardier CRJ1000.

Consider giving us a bit more background information and detail because at the moment your not really selling it to me. At the moment all you’ve said is that you want it to be included in Infinite Flight.


Is this enough or I need to add more?

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Callsign for it will be “pencil”


I love the CRJ-1000! Would love to see it added and fly this livery in IF!

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The Crj-1000 is a beautiful plane. It has a very fit look and long, plus the 2 powerful little engines on the back. It is amazing plane for people like me.

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Yes please! I love this plane and this livery looks so awesome on it.

I looked and there wasn’t a general CRJ-1000 aircraft request. Might be worth making.

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I don’t really like the CRJ-1000. It’s like a giant, skinny pencil that flies

Congratulations! This aircraft has been added and will be coming in the upcoming CRJ Rework! Thanks for your feature request!

Another test flight is underway as this Iberia CRJ1000 makes its way to Valencia on the east coast of Spain. Where will you fly the CRJ? #infiniteflight #infiniteflightpro #crj #crj1000 #iberiaregional #comingsoon

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Congratulations! The devs have looked at your feature and have decided to add it to the simulator! Thank you for your request!


Thanks a lot for the ones who voted, makes me really happy to be around a community that supports people. Also thanks FDS for adding the CRJ-1000 along with this livery. :)

I think this topic may be closed now.

Confirmed indeed. @anon88794458 You’ve got these opportunities opening up left and right! Jump on the bandwagon.