Iberia (IBE534) Airbus A321 Madrid (LEMD)-Vigo (LEVX)

I keep exploring Spain. It’s the second region in the free areas that have more than one route that can be done, the first one is California.

Today’s flight was done, again, with Iberia’s Airbus A321. The route was Madrid-Vigo as IBE534.

The A321 is a whole different beast compared to its smaller brothers. Due to it being heavier, it needs to go faster on the approach (I was at 142kts on final for this flight). Due to the speed, ground effect gets accentuated, so I had to idle the power at 50ft, and let ground effect cushion my landing (didn’t flare on this plane). If you reduce power at the more normal 20ft, you’ll float.

Long explanation, time for the pics!

At Terminal 4S in Madrid/Barajas.

Take off from runway 36L.

Crusing at FL300 over Spanish landscape.

Descending into Vigo.

Touchdown just over the TDZ. I need to improve my centreline alignment though.

Parked at the gate in Vigo.


Thanks for sharing. Nice landing.