Iberia Flyout Event @ LEMD

These are some photos of an event that @IF-Mallorca set up. It was an Iberia A350, A321, and CRJ-1000 Flyout from Madrid Barajas, to assorted destinations around the world! My route was from Madrid to London Heathrow on an Iberia A321. It was a great event, and I hope you enjoy the photos!

Iberia A321
Training Server

Captions corrspond to the photos above them

And here we see, some wild A350’s in their natural habitat

Me, in the foreground, with the only other A321 to my left

Holding short of 14R, with people waiting for me

And we’re off to Heathrow!

I had a parallel takeoff with an A350

Over the Bay of Biscay

Short final on runway 09R at Heathrow. I was surprised that the winds made me land on the 09 runways.

Decelerating after a smooth landing, with an Emirates 77W taxiing to 09R

Parked safely with an American 77W, American 789, British Airways A321, and an EasyJet A319

I hope you enjoyed!

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Busy Madrid, busy Heathrow, looks like a great flight! The Iberia livery is also really nice with the bright colours in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!