Iberia Express A320

Would love to have this voted

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Thanks for your vote!

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Bumping this! This is a great looking livery that would be awesome to have in the sim.


Bumping this again :)

Nevermind what I said about the 737 rework, this is better. You have my vote ;)

Awesome! Thank you sir

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I like this plane and the A319! ;)

Yes it’s very nice!


PLEASE add this one for the next UPDATE PLEASE!!!

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Glad you like it, we hope so too!

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So, lets make our dreams come true! ;)

Are there still chances to get this livery?


You got my vote 🗳

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Thanks guys! :)

Bumping this!
Still a livery i feel is missing in the sim, hopefully we can see this added soon:)

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Cool livery, but I won’t clearing a vote for this.😃
Also, we need more Iberia liveries in the A320 series.

Hope for the Future! 🙂

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Stunning livery, would love to fly all around Spain with this livery. You earned my vote!

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Wow! I don’t know why but I feel like I really need this livery! Voted! @Guxk

I must say… I would love to see this livery in IF ;)

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