Iberia CRJX all the way to Valencia

Hey there!
Last week I flew the Iberia CRJ1000 from Bilbao to Valencia and boy let me tell you, the Spanish scenery is amazing. Especially in the North with the Pyrenees. I fell in love with the scenery, but everything comes to an end. So eventually my VNAV descended my plane down to the correct altitude so I could start my approach.
And the East is also really cool, there you have the coast lines of the Mediterranean.

All in all 10/10, would recommend it!

note: all these pictures are approved by @NoahM except one, can you find it? 😉

Flight Details:

Route 🧭: Bilbao 🇪🇸 - Valencia 🇪🇸
Aircraft ✈️: Iberia Air Nostrum CRJ 1000
Flight time ⏰: 57 minutes


A nice silhouette shot of my takeoff

Cruisin’ over Spain


Descending into Valencia

Here’s an attempt of another silhouette shot but this time, on final

Hope you all liked the pictures! Wishing you guys a pleasant rest of your Friday😁
Bye ☀️


Very nice, flying in my country :)

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so you’re telling me there are more scenic areas in the world besides Hawaii and the Caribbean?


Well sir, you have a wonderful country! I’d definitely fly domestically there soon

Yes @NoahM , there are more scenic areas besides the Caribbean and Hawaii


Gorgeous photos! Hope you enjoyed flying the CRJ1000!

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Thank you, it was really a nice aircraft to fly.

WOW, you never stop amazing me with your wonderful photos!!

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Thanks so much bro😊


I’m in love with the first one, not kidding lol

Really nice to see some of the less explored parts of Spain getting recognition
Bilbao is beautiful!


Nice!!! @MartijN Check

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Thanks, Bilbao is really beautiful. With the hills and the coastline🤩, it’s just perfect

Thanks @MartijN 😊, and welcome back