Iberia airline VA status?

I was wondering what is the status of the Iberia VA application. I remember seeing it on the active reservation list not long ago, but no news for a while…
Really looking forward to see Spain’s airspace filled up (right now is a bit lonely compared to IVAO’s airspace for example) and for that we need Iberia’s regional flights and the VA up and running! (We already got some liveries in IF!).
Thanks in advanced for the heads up!
Happy flying!


hey friend I am also waiting for news about going IBERIA for now what I know is that it is still in reserve


The Iberia VA is currently on the reservation list:


If you want to know the status of the application, just PM the founder of the reservation holder :)


Thanks for your help @Mika. Maybe @JGrant639 can shine some light here…surely there is more people interested in knowing when can we log flights for Iberia VA.

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