Iberia Airbus A340-642 EC-JOH "Miguel de Unamuno".

This aircraft first flew on February 1 2006 with the test registration letters F-WWCE, serial number 731 and was powered by 4xRolls Royce Trent 556-61 engines.
It was delivered to Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España on March 28 2006 with the registration EC-JOH and named “Miguel de Unamuno”.
On September 9 2007, the aircraft overrun the runway of Airport Mariscal Sucre (UIO/SEQU), Quito, Colombia, after a tire bursted while the aircraft was landing. All of the 349 people on board (including crew memebers) survived the accident.
The aircraft was written off.



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So sad that a beautiful A340-600 had to bite the dust… Literally and figuratively. Amazing livery combo. I’ve always been fascinated in the Iberia A340 Central America operations-Such an interesting and for lack of better word, cool, operation.

At least the folks on board survived.


It was really sad it had just 1 year and was written off. At least all person survived…

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It´s all that matters.

Is it still at the same spot after the accident or did they move it ?

No it happened in 2007 they moved it.