Iberia A350 from Costa Rica to Spain

  1. A few screenshots I thought were cool during my FNF trip last night

  2. My route was MROC-LEMD (San José-Madrid) on the Expert server, with a predicted flight time of 9 hour and 53 minutes, and an actual flight time of 10 hours and 46 minutes thanks to busy traffic and my inability to change speed/altitude while I was asleep

Rotating out of a scenic Costa Rica off runway 07.

Climbing over GAF Charlie H as he pushes back for his flight, also to Madrid under the same flight number.

Another shot of that climb, this time the vantage point of a (very tall) ramper.

Passing over @ArsenyKryuchkov as he also approaches Madrid. I ended up being vectored behind him and we landed one after another.

Another shot of that pass, with a nice comparison of Iberia’s long haul workhorses of the past and the present/future.

And finally touching down on runway 32L after about 30 minutes of vectoring. No complaints from me, I saw it coming beforehand and packed plenty of extra fuel. Great work by IFATC!


Nice shots cammy…I’d give that landing a 8.5/10

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I’d give it about the same lol. A 10/10 in the 350 would be a miracle from me unless I was doing patterns

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Cool pictures! But on the approach you should have put ‘Real Time’, it seems to me you missed a gorgeous sunset 🌇

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Ah damn, I was flying on the timing of the actual flight and wasn’t paying attention. I do have a screenshot where I changed the time to sunset but I decided not to upload it. Whoops.

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These are great!..

Just like your JetPhotos pics :)

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Tanks for flying from Costa Rica…

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Fantastic pictures! That’s such a cool aircraft and livery! Also some really cool perspectives too. Thanks for sharing!

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