Iberia A320 New Livery

Hi everyone! I create this feature request the Iberia A320 on Infinite Flight.
As you may know, Iberia is the biggest Spanish airline and operates all around Europe and America, Africa and Asia. For their flights in Europe, they use A319, A320, A321 and CRJ1000. But why should Infinite Flight add the livery on the A320?

Well as you may know, Infinite Flight put the livery on the A321. But at this moment, in real life Iberia has 22 Airbus A320 and just 11 A321. Also, there are quite a few Spanish-speakers that would love to have this livery on the sim. Furthermore, not much people use the A321 for 1 hour flights so that’s why we need the A320…

Here’s a picture of an Iberia A320 in real life.

EC-MDK - Iberia Airbus A320 at Madrid - Barajas | Photo ID 481473 | Airplane-Pictures.net](EC-MDK - Iberia Airbus A320 at Madrid - Barajas | Photo ID 481473 | Airplane-Pictures.net

Credits: Jose I. Soria

Hello, feel free to vote and / or comment here 👇


I know that it already exists but it was created in 2016 so I thought it would be good to refresh the topic…

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This livery should be, although I like iberia express more with the red engines!


Yeah I agree!

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Another livery on the A320 that is missing.

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Yeah unfortunately

Voted ! I think Iberia should have more liveries in the sim

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When this is the case, you must contact a moderator first to authorize and close the old thread.

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