IATA Targets 1 billion passengers for sustainably fueled flights

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How this erupted: The announcement came up after the anniversary of " 10 years after a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 completed a trip from London to Amsterdam powered by SAF in one of its engines." SAF (sustainable aviation fuel) has been leading and booming throughout the US and the rest of the world and hopes to get 1 billion passengers to fly on SAF by 2025.

How SAF is created and reproduced:

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Operator that uses SAF:

  • Qantas has provided a very useful and simple insight on how SAF is used and reproduced as well as a great role model for the fuel. As quoted from the website, “Qantas is a signatory member This link will open in a new window. of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group (SAFUG), a global group of leading airlines and aviation companies working together with scientific agencies and leading environmental non-government organisations (NGOs) to accelerate the commercialisation of aviation biofuel.”


Sources and websites:

Operators that are using SAF:

  • Air China
  • Aero Mexico
  • Air France
  • Air New Zealand
  • Alaska Airlines
  • ANA (All Nippon Airlines)
  • Avianca Taca
  • British Airways
  • Cargo Lux
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Etihad Airways
  • GOL
  • Gulf Air
  • JAL (Japan Air Lines)
  • Jet Blue
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • Qantas
  • Qatar
  • SAS (Scandinavian Airlines)
  • Singapore Airlines
  • South African Airways
  • TAM (LATAM Airlines)
  • Tui Group
  • United
  • Virgin America
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Virgin Australia

SAFUG Affiliates:

  • Boeing
  • Airbus
  • Embraer
  • UOP

How SAF Is Good For the Environment: A flight completely powered by sustainable fuel has the potential to reduce the carbon emissions of that flight by up to 80%. " we will never use a sustainable fuel that upsets the ecological balance of the planet or depletes its natural resources," says said Alexandre de Juniac, IATA’s Director General and CEO.

My response: Well, at the rate this is booming, “passed the threshold of 100,000 flights in 2017, and we expect to hit one million flights during 2020”, they will most likely hit the mark of 1million passengers. I haven’t heard about the SAF till now and an environmentally eco friendly fuel used for aircrafts would be a good way to not only stop pollution but also make it safer to travel

Thanks for listening! - Ryan


Nice fun fact. I did not hear about this but cool! The more Economic the fuel is, the better the planes are for traveling with less pollution.

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MaxSez: Sound like tree hugger BS or Corn Derivative Paris Global Warming razamataz to me. Another Junk Science Rip-off. Multi-Fuel don’t burn clean in turbines no matter what “They” say, it’s a maintenance nightmare. Remember IATA is a Corporate PR Group it’s aviations Better Biz Bureau … it’s not about flying it’s about the flyin business…


@Maxmustang But did you ever run the corn through your diesel? I tried it when I had my 08’ F250 Super Dumpster with the 6.4 PowerJoke. My truck smelled like a rolling 550 horsepower French Fry Factory.

My question is what is the efficiency and burn rate of this Alt fuel compared to Jet fuel?


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