IATA code recognition

Hello IFC,
You all probably know how the search bar in IF only recognizes city names/ICAO codes. NOT IATA codes.
So, why don’t we all vote for the search bar to recognize both ICAO and IATA codes?
For the purpose of this example, I’ll use Düsseldorf airport.
When I type the ICAO code:

When I type the IATA code:

Please excuse my sloppy handwriting :)

How about people just use google and find the IATA code? I have not seen any issues regarding the IATA code from anyone.


You could type the airport’s full name, and the search menu would still give you the correct one. I can’t imagine only knowing an airport’s IATA and not anything else that would appear in a search.


When making a flightplan or whatever you will need the ICAO most likely anyway or need to google it at some stage so I think this is unnecessary, especially when searching as it will now likely bring up more results when you search which aren’t relevant.


I think you mean ICAO code. The point of this feature request is to find an airport using its IATA code, so we don’t need to Google something in order to find it if we already know what it is.

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This would be helpful, because most people do memorize the IATA code, yet I am out of votes. Good thought though.

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Does this help?

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No, it’s that you don’t need to search

Hmm. If you only memorize the IATA code you are missing many airports. The USA ones typically are the same with a ‘K’ prefix. I only know these airports by the ICAO code. I suggest you memorize the ICAO codes and we will have a test next week to see how many you remember 😵


In real life, pilots use the ICAO codes. The only people that don’t are your everyday pax and the airline’s consumer stuff.

Uhhh sure
I’m up for it

I do not believe we need to change anything. Firstly pilots use ICAO codes and secondly if you search dusseldorf into the search it brings up all the ICAO airports with its airport name.

Correction to my last post. For some odd reason dusseldorf doesn’t come up in the search I wonder if this is due to the weird preflex over the U. However typing all the main airports like Berlin, madrid, London etc it works just fine.

I personally see no need for this. If we’re striving for realism here - IRL pilots and ATC controllers use ICAO codes. The only people who use IATA codes are the passengers, because they find it easier to remember a three letter code over a four letter code… Anyway - just learn the ICAO codes like everyone else. Or you can always use Google. ;)



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Like others have said, you can just put in the airports full name. For example, Brisbane (YBBN) you search Brisbane or YBBN. Both come up.


I like the Idea but here is the thing: It is confusing to have both.

Example Time!

If I say MMMX you will probably recognize it, as it is Mexico city Airport.
However, if I say MMX you would either think I forgot an M or you will not ba able to figure it out.
You See, MMX is the IATA code for Malmö Sturup airport. However it’s ICAO code is nothing like MMX, it is ESMS.

There is a pretty large difference between MMX and ESMS. To have both would just make it more complicated.

I like the idea, I really do but it would just make it more confusing.

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