IAS Autopilot Button for Propeller Aircraft

For those that don’t know what this is, it is a common feature in autopilots amongst newer GA airplanes. I can only speak for Cirrus and other aircraft sporting the G1000 with its autopilot system. Pressing this button to climb rather than the VS button allows for the airplane to pitch for a specific airspeed chosen by the pilot. This will prevent the plane from stalling. It’s basically a safety feature as most propeller planes don’t have auto-throttle. I just brought it up because I think it would be a great feature in IF!


I think that this would be a great feature in IF! You should move this topic to #features though.

Edit: wait nvm this isn’t a request, but you can make a topic if you want to. Just make sure to look for any other related topics.

This should go in the #features topic.

This would be awesome for example in the skyhawk we climb at 74 knots

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