IAPs Disappear When Offline

All of my purchased regions and planes disappear when I’m offline. Anyone got a solution? I’ve tried to delete and reinstall the app but to no avail.

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Someone has reported the same issue earlier today. I think we should wait for the developers explanation regarding this issue. I do hope it can be fixed soon


I agree. We should wait for the developers to come and see this. Do you have live+ @AnsettVirtual ?

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If you have live+ and you are offline you will only have the free aircraft & regions or ones that you have bought separately. Aircraft & regions you have with live+ only work when connected.

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I used to have this problem. If you signed into live, make sure to sign out before going offline. I used to be signed into live even though I didn’t have an account, but when I signed out I could access all my aircraft offline with no problem.

This issue was also reported here: Purchases working only online and this solution fixed it 🙂


Yes I do have Infinite Flight live.

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Thank you very much!