IAP question

When I select an instrument approach it always goes to a Fix passed the airport (I can get a picture if need be) but is the fix(es) that goes past the airport is that the missed approach?

Yeah, a picture would be great!

Looking at the flight plan you can see You can HANDE is in the IAP but here it’s past the airport

I see. I believe if you were to have an arrival route in your FPL it would not happen, as the route on the wrong end of the runway is the other approach for the STAR you have chosen. Try recreating your FPL but this time: departure airport > SID > arrival > STAR > destination airport

There’s no star for this airport

Oh, I misread that. It looks like maybe you need to have picked one transitions and for some reason there are two.

I did pick a transition

I would try redoing your FPL. I’ve never seen an approach that goes straight to the runway…

HANDE is the missed approach fix according to charts


Oh ok. So it does include the missed approach procedure. Thank you !

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That’s pretty cool that it does that. :D

If you add the approach the missed approach part will not show up, while it does during the planning/selection phase.

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Yes I know. 😃

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I don’t understand.

If you add the approach to the flight Plan, then the missed approach will not show up anymore (at least for me).

If you look in the picture above. What do I need to do to get rid of the miss approach if I don’t want it there anymore?

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As soon as you add the approach to the flight Plan, it won’t show up anymore.

Edit: This seems to not be true for you. Just delete the HANDE waypoint and you should be fine.

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I’ve added the approach to the flight plan

Please see my edit as it’s different on my device. Apologies!

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Sometimes the missed approach fix is added in, it’s a know issue and being looked into.

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