IAP dissapearence

For some reason, when I start the app sometimes, All my IAPs dissapear when I open the app. I get the “In app purchases unavailable. Check your internet connection.” But when this happens, my internet is usually at full connection. Sometimes when I restart though, It sometimes goes back to normal. This is an annoying issue, please fix it FDS.
(In case you are wondering, I have gotten about 15 IAPs in infinite flight, so I notice quickly.

Do thw whole restart, un-install, re-install routine and then see if it works.

Long live the DC-9!

This normally is not an issue with the app itself. It’s an issue verifying your credentials with the social media account you use to sign in with. Even though you may have a healthy internet connection, if there is no response from G+ or Facebook your IF-Live account will fail to sign in, leaving you logged on but not to live.

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This happens to me when my tablet is on airplane mode and I have experiened this.