Ian's Infinite Flight YouTube channel

Gladly I got an android device, I finally have a decent recorder.

My channel is new. Feel free to post any comments or things that I did bad on

Please, like and subscribe. I’ll promise to upload daily video if the youtube uploading speed is good


Nice! Expect a PM from me, maybe?

That depends on how good your internet connection and how big your videos are.

True. I’m uploading one tonight. Let’s see how fast it does

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Sure. I will check my inbox

I haven’t done it yet, expect it later or tomorrow :)

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well done on your device, Hope you enjoy it. I also got my Note 5 and it takes IF to a whole new level. The quality of the interface is just out of this world and the recordings too. With 4GB RAM and 4G connection, there is no chance of lagging at all. I’m also going to open a YouTube channel. Just want to get used to flying on it first. I want to record videos on Live.

Great videos you have uploaded.

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Nice Video, Ian. First like.

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It’s a different channel, therefore not a duplicate.

The reason I made this is not over flooding Benny’s list.

New video should be out shortly, it’s at 99% now

EDITED: Tecnical Difficulties, rejected ATM. I will fix it ASAP(After school)

Nice movie!!! Just a bit to close with those mountains for comfort ;)

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Thanks Aernout. I’ll be more careful next time hahahaha

Yay, more videos for me to dislike!

:(… I’m improving

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Really nice video! Keep 'em coming!

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Liked it! One thing I didn’t like though, the messages.


Yep, working on that

Thanks for all your comments guys!

I got a weekend special coming for you guys. It’s gonna be great

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Don’t be mean. Ian is a sensitive soul


New video is out! Part 2 coming soon!