I’m the owner of IAK-Crew. It stands for IF Aviation Kaler Crew.
It’s the world’s most active Infinite flight based Crew on Instagram. ( Insta: @anon51679979 )
Member of IAK-Crew fly on IF live on expert server mostly and sometimes on Training server with a callsign as IAKCRW01… and so on. We are literally the second IF Experts:)
Website: www.IAK-Crew.weebly.com
Instagram: @anon51679979

Want to join?
You can ofcourse. Must be 13 years old or older. Must be Grade 3, Has to give a test before you join!
Join by Going through the website and filling both the forms or DM @anon51679979 on instagram( Well we are gonna provide you the website so basically Checking the website is more useful).

CEO: Kaler (me)
COO: Nate Schneller (@Nate_Schneller)

Happy and safe landing!

Have you been approved by IFVARB? @NEO please look into this

Thanks for telling.
I forgot to read, thought it’s all about trust level.
Sorry, really sorry. Topic will be closed soon


Well, everyone makes mistakes, and you improve from them, so really there is nothing to be sorry about. :)

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No you must contact @NEO to open a VA before making a post on va and operating one you need to be approved by Infinite Flight Virtual Airlines Regulatory Board(IFVARB)

No this is not a VA. This is a flying group. He is already known around almost the whole IF community.

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Yup, it’s a Crew:)
Also I changed the topic

Can I ask what you have to support this claim? The criteria only being 13 years old and a grade 3 couldn’t be further from making that claim my friend…