IAH Spotting: ULTRA RARE AN124 & 225 Spotted Together! +other great photos

Well hello there, glad you decided to click on this topic ;). So these photos were taken at IAH, in Houston. The highlight of this spotting collage is probably the AN124 landing over the AN-225. I hope you enjoy these photos just as much as I had taking them. This is definitely one of the best moments in my aviation photography career.

Some commonly asked questions I get are:

Q: What spotting camera do you use?
A: A canon rebel T5

Q: What camera do you recommend for beginners?
A: Any camera apart of the Canon “Rebel” series

Q: What is your instagram?
A: My instagram is: www.instagram.com/jrraviation

Need some help setting up YOUR camera? Check out this guide I made!

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Yes, I am on jetphotos:


Your spotting pictures put mine to shame :o Seriously, they’re amazing!


Now this is one of my favourite topics! Spectacular photos!

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you lucky duckling

wish SFO had these opportunities, we only get A380s & 747s as heavys ;(


Wow! Those are really nice pictures. I like the Antonov AN225 the best.

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1- That must be really old, right? The AN225 was at IAH like 4 months ago.
2- I’ve seen many IAH spotting in this forum, and it looks like a spectacular place to spot.
3- That Qatar 777 landing on the background, with the A225 being rolled though!


These are fairly old, but I was looking thru my photos last night and I found these.

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