IAH Spotting 4-15-18

IAH Spotting 4-15-18

Hi everyone! On Sunday, April 15, I went spotting at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (KIAH). Throughout the day, I, and some other Houston spotters caught a wide variety of aircraft. On the 15th, the winds were just right for reverse operations. This means that close up shots would be possible.

Spotting Setup

Canon 450D
Uniden BC125AT
Sunflower Seeds

Spotting Pictures

United 777-224ER N77012

United 767-322ER N641UA

Lufthansa A380-841 D-AIMA

Cathay Pacific Cargo 747-8F B-LJH

United A320-232 N475UA (Retro Livery)

United 767-322(ER) N653UA (Star Alliance)

United 767-322(ER) N641UA

KLM 787-9 PH-BHL

United Express ERJ-145XR N14148

United 737-924 N71411

Delta MD-88 N907DE

United A319-131 N809UA

Gulfstream N550GS

United Express ERJ-145 N14905

United 767-322(ER) N641UA

American 737-823 N866NN

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Remember, all my pictures are copyrighted, if you’d like to use them, talk to me first.

Thank you for checking out my pictures once again!


Love that KLM 787-9 😍
Great pictures!

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Beautiful pictures! Which one is your favorite?
Mine is N869NN sorry I just can’t resist the new AA livery.

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These are really good!

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That pic of N641UA is great

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Thank you! I’ve got a close up of N866NN.

It is the second American 737NG to have the WiFi Hub on it!


Great shots!!!
But you really should replace those stickers on the cup!

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When our spotting trip together? Lovely pictures.

Actually, are you going to FlightSim Expo?

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The photo master has struck!

Amazing photos!

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Replace them with a team who isn’t the World Champions? Nah, I’m good :)

@Cbro4 Not sure yet, maybe! Thank you @BigBert10!


Love the KLM 787-9, but wish they still operated to Houston with the 747-400

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Well they are doing away with the IFE. WiFi is a necessity then.

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Amazing pictures as always Matt!

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N71411 is spectacular! You are very talented and I can’t wait to see more United pics! :)


Great shots! I’ve got a good enough camera for spotting, but I’m wondering, what specific model is that chair 🤣

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Really that’s still there

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I was looking a tickets today. I might be able to swing it.

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Fun! Let me know if you get something worked out.

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Amazing pictures!!! (Love the setup) 😀

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