IAH Spotting (1-6-18) | Panning, Night Spotting, and More!

Houston IAH Spotting

Hey everyone! Got some epic photos to show you. These were all taken yesterday, on the 6th. Hope you enjoy them!

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The Photos

United CRJ Landing

Emirates Landing

Another shot of Emirates Landing

Very pretty UA 737 landing

NEW LIVERY Etihad 77F Landing (First time catching this)

Another Angle

Seasonal AF A330

BA 772 Departing for LHR

UA 767-400 Chartering a sports team

UA 777 Departing IAH

Another shot of that 764 charter

Very nice sky with this BA 772

ColorBus 320 departing IAH

Avianca 319 leaving IAH

EK Close up while getting ready to leave for DXB

737 pan

Bad-ish 777 Pan

2nd to last day for this seasonal LH 747-8 service

UA 777 Leaving IAH (Pan)

737 Blasting outta IAH

Bye Bye BA

UA 777 with a very small Delta CRJ above the WIFI hub :)

UA 737 (again)

EK 777 Gear

Banana 321 about to taxi out for DTW

737 Starting up its engines

Air China resting before it’s flight to Beijing

Another 737 Pan

Qatar 777 with an EK 777 photobombing

Double 737 night shot

2 UA A320 - one modern and 1 retro

UA 320 waiting to get clearance to taxi with an E145 waiting patiently behind it.

1 Spirit 320 and 2 Spirit 321

737 getting pushed while the Retro taxis past it

Banana 321 about to get pushed back

Double 737s and a photobombing A319



Great photos as always!


What the frick!! How are you so good?!?


The nighttime exposure shots are just truly magnificent. Nice work, as always.


You should get Air nz 787-9 Houston is first place to get Air nz 787-9 in North America

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Good and incredible as always!

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Nice photos! I think you meant 1-6-18, it’s not 2017 anymore! ;)


I’m stuck in the past. Thanks for catching.


I plan to catch that next weekend. Thanks for the tip.

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Los Angeles actually was the first! They did it for a month route testing, but they got so much demand they kept bringing the 777s!

Always the best photos!


Yeah it will be brand new as well most likely as it is New config 787 with more premium seating flying to Houston most of the time

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I’m very surprised no one has noticed the new watermark ;)

Where? Or are you a troll… 😂

Hold on, these were edited so quickly! Fastest time ever for Jacob! Great job! 😂😂😂 Also, I guess the pictures are cool

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I know! Usually takes a year.

O wait still haven’t edited the WOH pics nvm


Daaang that was so long ago…


Sure was. And it took a long time to add all descriptions.

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I can’t wait for the new constructuon of Terminal D I thought they were supposed to start demolishing the old building last year.


Nice photos! The tail on the Qatari 77L looks slightly different then how it should normally be if you look at it closely. Is it a special livery or just a painting mistake?