IAG To Buy 200 B737 Max Aircraft

So it’s just been announced that IAG have announced their intent to purchase 200 B737 Max aircraft, this is not surprising given Willie Walsh has been in discussion with Airbus and Boeing but the result is certainly surprising given there is very low consumer confidence in the product and given the aircraft hasn’t really been proven properly due to these groundings. Furthermore all airline on the IAG Group utilise A320 family Aircraft for their short haul fleet so this order means one or more airlines will be switching over to a Boeing 737 short haul fleet or a mixed. Right now it appears that Vueling could possibly move over to a B737 only fleet but it’d not clear this is the case as of yet.

The orders are for a mix of B737 Max 8 and Max 10 agreement, subject to the formal agreement IAG could have B737 Max aircraft with deliveries beginning in 2023. This is likely a point in which some of the older A320 aircraft would begin retirement so it’s a real possibility we could see BA with B737’s once again.

Boeing Airplanes (@BoeingAirplanes) Tweeted:
Thank you International Airlines Group for your trust and confidence in the 737 MAX and the people of Boeing: IAG Announces Intent to Buy 200 Boeing 737 MAX Airplanes. #PAS19

RELEASE: https://boeing.mediaroom.com/2019-06-18-International-Airlines-Group-Announces-Intent-to-Buy-200-Boeing-737-MAX-Airplanes https://twitter.com/BoeingAirplanes/status/1140990118011912192/photo/1

One further thing to note is that Boeing also signed an agreement with IAG to support their Airbus aircraft, yes that’s correct. Boeing will offer parts and support for rival manufacturers aircraft. Certainly a weird thing.

In conclusion, let me know your thoughts, do you agree with this or not? I personally don’t but IAG at this point care about cost and the MAX will likely have huge discounts right now.


This is certainly the most shocking thing I’ve read so far, it came as a cold water bucket.

Regarding IAG’s order for the MAX jets (not siding with either Boeing or Airbus), I may not be as surprised like the rest of the audience, but I simply believe that some customers still have confidence that the airplane will come back to service with the necessary improvements.

Yes, I know they did wrong by keeping the MCAS as a secret, sell the units knowing it had a defect and so on, however I personally hope for the 737 MAX to be back in the skies and for Boeing to restore confidence with its customers.


Well that’s quite crazy! 200 aircraft is a lot!

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I think Airbus probably didn’t want to drop there prices since they dominate the short to medium haul fleet of IAG, and figured they could keep the foothold at full price or near to it. Boeing probably saw a massive opportunity to turn IAG almost all Boeing since there longhaul fleet is almost 50/50 to my understanding. So cracking the lower side of such a huge orgnization was probably worth enough that they gave a wicked good price.


You can be certain they got a huge discount.

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Depends As BA is the only carrier that has a Boeing aircraft in its fleet. So Airbus dominates their whole total IAG fleet. Boeing with the groundings and in general I bet offered massive discounts like they do with the B787 to get one over on Airbus, we know that Airbus don’t discount as much from various sources already. IAG will probably get an even worse product the way I see it, Ryanair. I think if it’s as bad as other configs then flying on an easyJet Neo would be far better.

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen a 737 in the British Airways livery.

All you have to do is go to South Africa, Comair operates lots of them!


This was such a random move for them to make, especially since many things about the plane are uncertain, they may even change the name. I certainly would put that much risk into buying a plane but if they are that confident then good for them

It doesn’t seem intelligent at all 😬


Yep. As you may know pitch is better on Ryanair than BA’s newer aircraft and BA has a pretty poor hard product due to a lack of investment and ridiculous cost cutting. Profits are all that meteor for IAG, not building world class airlines.


Excuse me, what were you trying to quote from my post?

@brunocr98 Quoted the wrong person, sorry my mistake, and I’ve corrected it

I know but what about in the U.K.

Wow 😑😐 I wish I had kept options in Boeing’s stock…


There aren’t currently any there, but you did so livery so…

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