I Wrote “Hello” in the Snow Near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport

So today, getting real bored, waiting for what was going on inside a local sports complex to start, I headed outside, and went plane spotting (pics to be a future post). Anyway it snowed a few days prior and just for fun I wrote “hello” really close to the runway 27L. Think anyone would’ve seen it?

Although you can’t see the word from the pictures I took because I made it real big, you can see how close the aircraft were to the ground at that point in the approach, also demonstrated by the X is where it was written. Just a fun little experiment!

Do you think it’s possible to make out the word?

  • Yes
  • No

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Nice idea :D but you might need to make the letters thicker considering how far up the plane is from the ground and the angle and all that.


Cool idea, just make the letters a little thicker, but other than that, it’ll be cool for the pilots and passengers (mostly passengers) to see.

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True true. The snow is already melting though so could only make it so thick😬😫. Plus I’m just wearing sneakers and now I’m soaking wet lol.@Butter_Boi


Minimums, check. 50, 40, 30, 20-

Pilot: Hey look at that! How nice, someone made a welcome message!



That’s actually really cool haha 🤣👍


*I’m weeezing that’s so funny I hope it doesn’t cause any problems


This sort of reminds me of the guy who lived under the approach path at MKE and wrote “Welcome to Cleveland” in big letters on his roof.

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To be honest I’m surprised airports and cities don’t write welcome messages for people to see from planes more often. It’d be relatively cheap but would be a really fun way to welcome people. If anyone saw my message then I hope I made them smile! A 777 from Beijing just landed over the message so if it’s visible I just made a ton of people either happy excited or confused

We are a funny bunch sometimes.

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*the 777. I’ll edit my photos and post them separately later but this is unedited

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Of course🥳🤩🤪

That would be so cool if some one from the IFC saw it lol

Love the idea!!

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Anyone on in IFC flying to Chicago today? Lol

Here are the final edits! Check em out!

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