I would love to see the Space Shuttle on Infinite Flight!

Yes, no space-walks, and no outer space scenery, but at least having to make those beautiful landings 160000 feet from the sky would make my heart and probably everyone else’s beat very fast…in a good way.

Hopefully it comes soon:)!

Because at the end, the Space Shuttle was best thing the world ever had to experience in aviation history. I know this project on IF will take a long time, but if it gets released, I’m for sure gonna play with it constantly 🤣

You might want to add a more detailed and visualizing description if you want to have a space shuttle in the game :/.


It’s doable, we have the scenery and we used to have the space shuttle. A massive rework would be required to the space shuttle in order in to fix it’s physics etc


Will do! I’m working on it:)


Also, are you sure this topic post doesn’t interfere with your current request?

I didn’t even know we had it before. So, it should just be a month long project I would assume, eh then haha?😂

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Oh okay. That’s just great…

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Flag my post. It is what it is.

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I only decided to search for it randomly and found it :/. Also, I’m not going to be the meanie as I’m not sure what will happen to this topic and in general I don’t like flagging unless necessary.

Gotcha:) I mean, I guess I need to put more time into posting…lol😅🙄

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Hello @CyrusThePlane101 ! As you saw this is a duplicate topic. I’ve flagged it for closure. Next time, please utilize the search feature. Thanks! :D

Okay. Thanks I guess. :)


I hope I’m not trying to be the duplicate finder :/.

You’re absolutely fine. It’s my fault. I really thought it wouldn’t be big deal if I posted this, but rules are rules…so guess I gotta go by them if I wanna stay here, lol…

Duplicate :)

(Sorry to interrupt your chat @Humars & @CyrusThePlane101 - couldn’t wait any longer. Haha)