I would like to report someone


Please take time to go through this carefully.

I’m an amateur pilot who has been flying since 2017. I love to do long haul flights, especially recreate those which I have actually flown on. Today, I was flying from Dubai to Frankfurt in an A380 following all ATC instructions. I was about to enter final into Runway 25L when another A380 passed me from behind, decided to land and stop on the runway, inevitably making my gear crash into his tail.

That was when I first noticed this guy (callsign CC6661 and username User-82075) coming up behind me. I thought he was trying to desperately enter final into Runway 25C so I didn’t bother.

That is him passing me at a lower altitude trying to land on Runway 25L. Considering his speed at that time, I thought he would have landed and would be exiting the runway by the time my gears touched down since there was a good amount of distance from the threshold of the runway.

That is him touching down on the ground way before the runway (that could have been to try and help me pass over him but the next couple images don’t verify that).

That picture tells you about which part of my aircraft collided with his tail. It also informs you about the fact that he stopped on the runway. I tried my best to fly over him while aiming for the touchdown zone but sadly my wheels ended up hitting him and I went off the centerline a bit (thankfully not too much).

The final picture tells you about how he quit some 5-10 seconds after he came to a halt on the runway.

I wanted to bring this to all of your attention because this is the first time in my life I’m coming across such an issue and I do not want to act immature and take the wrong decision.

Please advise me on what to do.




There’s unfortunately nothing we can do if this was on the casual or training server, these things just happen. If he does anything offensive, or something that infringes your rights, make sure to contact any one of our moderators we have on the forum.


This is unfortunate. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do if it was on TS or CS.

My question is, why didn’t you go around?


@Vinne… 👎🏻( loud kissing sound!)! LOL

OhMy, Max


He had to do it to em

Things like this happen quite often on Casual and Training, Expert too sometimes. Best course of action is to just go around. Unfortunately reports cannot be made for things like this.


Things happen. People cant watch the entire server at the same time.