I would like to report somebody

It’s my 1st day as ATC in LAX, I had the confidence after doing well a KJFK. When
I join, and tell American to change to my frequency, he literally spams the “Request frequency change button.” Help me.

Sadly if this is training server, there is nothing you can do about it.

Hi @Icelandair_TeamICE,

Unfortunately as this is the training server, there’s not much to be done. There may be some trolls from time to time so it is just best to ignore it.

However, when you meet the requirements, I suggest joining IFATC. We control on the expert server and it is a much more professional environment

Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

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Also, wanted to mention, you can make an ATC a tracking thread so people can come to it here on the IFC!

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I’ll try that.

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