I would like to report a troll on training server

Here I was telling the aircraft to stop but American 33 kept going through the aircraft ahead while I was doing a ATC Tracking Thread this is my first time a troll was trolling me.

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Hey! Unfortunately, trolls on the Training Server are a known issue, and nothing can really be done about it. There is no “report” button on there. The best thing to do is just ignore them. Especially this one as they don’t even seem to have a community account.

That being said it’s very sad and silly that your IFATC practice session/tracking thread got disrupted. I’m working on my practical myself and I know how irritating it can be. I’m sorry that you had this experience.

One solution might be to open some non-major airports (KDFW, KLAX, EGLL, KSFO, KJFK etc. are all more susceptible to trolls since they’re more “popular” airports)

Hope you pass your practical soon and join Expert, where you can report such people (and hopefully encounter much fewer of them!)


Unfortunately this happens. Especially on the TS. If it’s severe trolling, you can contact @moderators but their’s not much they will be able to do.

I’d ignore them for now and continue with your training.

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I’m still on my written exam but this sucks no one can help me?

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Unless there is a moderator or an IFATC supervisor who witnessed it, no, unfortunately. However, you can do what @Kamryn suggested if it becomes a big problem, such as flying through others, constantly spamming your frequency, etc. If it’s just a few minor occurrences, though, I would suggest leaving it alone.


Unfortunately not.

The next time, tap on the person’s aircraft, go to “Information” and take a screenshot of their identifier.

Maybe that might help identify the user, but idk

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I had to end my session from this.

Not really unfortunately, what you can do is keep opening at smaller airports with your tracking thread and looking past the trolls that you may get, and really evaluate the feedback that is given.

If you choose and are able to get past the challenges that may arise such as trolls, you’ll see that if you review your replays, compare it to your feedback, and look for ways to improve, there isn’t a way to go wrong.

Hope I could help, thanks.


I was trying to stay at KMCI but my IFATC trainer friend said that I shouldn’t stay at the same airport.

Then I agree with your friend. If you open new airports, you can possibly evade trolls that are constantly after you, and opening at new airports allows for growth and learning experiences. As they say, it never hurts to try new things!


Yep, I believe he’s trying to give you variety :)

I’d recommend some like the following

  • KFAT has some great parallel runways and ground conflict!
  • LFBO also is very similar to KFAT
  • VABB has two intersecting runways which is fun and a little challenging!

How did I get a 37% on my written test if I read the ATC manual?

It’s all about studying and practicing like the real world, I believe you’ll get it aced soon!

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Thanks everyone to bad noone can help me with the troll.