I would like to give a massive Thank You

I would like to give a massive Thank You to the ATC at Seattle. The amount of traffic right now is so insane! And yet, the ATC works so hard to control the airspace and ground. And that is why I would like to thank them for guiding me to land safely with all the traffic in the airport.



Yep I saw that, I am flying to seattle right now and I hope I can get in😬

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Current controllers are @anon99845028, @DiamondGaming4 and @Prashant_Divedi. A round of applause to them and the previous controllers for their hard work at KSEA!


Thanks for your lovely thank you message. I was tower at KSEA. The layout was pretty hard. But my fellow controllers managed to deal with it. A big credit to my ground controller @DiamondGaming4 and approach controller @Prashant_Divedi !


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