I would like to fly a difficult terrain approach

As mentioned above, I would like to fly a difficult terrain approach but don’t know where to fly. I do not have the subscription so I only have limited airports.

Is there anywhere I can go?
Thanks 🙏


With no subscription, check out these airports:

SoCal region:


Singapore Region?



Thank you
Kpsp worked best for my likings


KMMH, KPSP, KMRY, KASE, and KEGE are all great and you can see their free routes here


KPSP runway 13R rnav approach is very fun to try. Here’s flightaware chart

I flew into an airport called Friedman memorial airport. It’s right next to a bunch of mountains.

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Try VHXX (Kai Tak) this is a real challenge!
But make sure to fly over it one time to make yourself an overview about the situation ✈️

Edit: Ahh I read you have no sub … ok try it when you have pro :)

@Kiz. He has no sub.

Thanks for that :)

I’d advise him to check KPSP, KASE or WMBT.

Another overlooked one can be the 01R approach at KSFO.

A super challenge you can find in Brazil: Santos Dumont Airport (SBRJ). Aircraft size restriction and dangerous approach on both sides.

The north side is restricted so as not to interfere with the traffic of the Galeao Aiport that is nearby; you must remain visual and do not exceed the air space beyond the bridge over the sea. And the south side that should deviate from a mountain called “Pão-de-Açúcar”, unfortunately you will only notice a big hole there, since the topography data is wrong with a negative value in that area.

Watch videos out there about the sharp curve that the A320s and B737s make when trying to land on a small runway of 4327 ft. Charts to follow the approach are here. Takeoffs also require a sharp turn.

The challenge is worth trying.

Again, he has no sub.

Oh. Sorry.

NZQN - Queenstown Airport in New Zealand. Just flew in to there (in infinite flight) Try RWY 05 or 23 with a Jetstar A320 or an Air New Zealand A320 - Stunning

Again he has no sub

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