I wonder if I was the one who shut down the servers yesterday.

If it’s me, I’m sorry. Yesterday, I did a flight between ULLI and LSZH and in mid-flight, my tablet quitted the app during 1 hour. When I came back, I reopened the app and the flight was still proceeding. However, my plane didn’t move (see pictures below). When I saw the servers were down, I immediately quitted the flight.

When my tablet quitted the app (1st picture) Almost 1 hour after (2nd picture)

Don’t worry, I’m 99.99% sure that it wasn’t you. One person can’t singlehandedly shut down the server by doing what you did ;)

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Well @Swiss did with his big event he did last year.


That’s most likely because of a large number of people flying. This was just one person.

Well it’s when you leave the application and you have left it to long you can’t reconnect.

It was not you, 10000% guaranteed :)


Are you sure? Otherwise, it was a coincidence

Coincidence, definitely. Doing what you did would cause an issue in your game, but not the whole server.

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