I woke up at 4:30 AM for this | YSSY Spotting Part 3 | December 26th, 2019

Call me crazy, I probably am. Due to its location, Sydney’s rush hour is in the early morning. I couldn’t fly all the way from North America and not experience that. So I asked my dad to wake up at 4:30 AM and drive down to the airport and miraculously, he agreed. After driving the hour or so to the airport from our hotel in Parramatta, we pulled up at Shep’s Mound.

Shot on Nikon D7500 + Tamron 100-400

One of the first departures of the day, Fiji sends the A330 on the morning flight. Sadly no A350, that comes later but we had things to do.

Some nice prop blur on this Dash 8.

United sends multiple Dreamliners to Sydney daily but this is the only one that arrives in golden light.

After arriving 34R this JAL decides to take a weird taxi route to presumably avoid other traffic, which allowed me to get this shot.

This is the aircraft I really woke up for - there’s not many places where you can still catch this beauty.

I have seen an Etihad 77W on probably more than 10 occasions and still don’t have a single encounter with the new livery.

Don’t have much to say about this.

Sadly this one delayed long enough to not depart in golden hour anymore but it’s still a cool aircraft.

This one’s for my SVA pilots.

Which one was your favorite?

  • Fiji
  • Qantas
  • United
  • JAL
  • Thai
  • Etihad
  • Korean
  • Polar
  • Singapore

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Polar Cargo !! ✊

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Yes! Was so excited to see that since it doesn’t come to Toronto

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Spicy shots my dude

This makes me want to go spotting at DEN but nooooo Coronavirus is keeping me at home for 4 weeks

Thank ya

Lol I haven’t been spotting since February and I probably can’t go until June

And you did this why?

Good pics!

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because I didn’t travel literally to the other side of the world to not spot at Sydney to its fullest


Beautiful pictures, as always!

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Thanks man!

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That United photo was the best, love the angle and the shine on the wing


Can’t even catch it in Sydney anymore as of last Thursday. I think that’s permanent.

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Your dad is a real G for waking up at 4:30 in the friggen morning. Pretty cool how it’s already bright at like 4:30 in Australia and countries along the same longitude

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Oh my god. She didn’t get retired though right?

Faxxx. He’s not even into spotting lol. And it’s not, this was pretty close to summer solstice and the sun didn’t come up until we were at the airport (6 am sunrise approx).


So you got up at 4:30 on vacation to go see polar cargo? Good going mate… 😂

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I got up to go spotting, not specifically Polar. But I’ll sleep when I get back home, vacation is for doing crazy things.

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And here is where we disagree 😂

Vacation is for sitting on the beach, sleeping in, and plane spotting if it’s past lunch… 😂

We didn’t pay $1400 for flight tickets to go sit on some beach and sleep in 😂😂😂

This is turning into that parenting discussion from the PM


*dies of excitement from @AndrewWu new spotting topic
Nice shots as always man!

Exactly!! Etihad is not doing well with repainting older aircraft. Didn’t they introduce their new livery in like 2015 smh

I am surprised you woke up that early. At one point, I woke at 6:00 am just to go spot at Calgary.