I Wish Death on a Fence @KSAN

More Planes


Location: A Park
Duration: 2 Hours lol
Dates: 06/23 & 06/30
Camera: Sony RX10

The E175 grew since I last saw it

Sometimes I wish this fence just didn’t exist

Plain -800

New Mexico One
pretend the fence doesn’t exist

Cute little Evo Blue A319

New Mexico One, again

die fence


These were good the fence did ruin everything

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Humor 100.

Great pics mate!

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I know 🤬

Thank you!


I read the title as “I wish death on France.” 😳

Anyway great photos, I love New Mexico One!


No no no you got it all wrong lol.

Thank you!

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Who said it has to? >_>

Also nice bio .-.

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The fence is smiling very very happily right now 😏

Nice fence pics! Those planes ruined everything 😂.

But seriously, great photos!

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Heh heh…

It won’t be next time

Wow thanks lol


Great pictures!

Sometimes I wish that fences around airports just didn’t show up in photos specifically spotting photos.

I feel your pain. Its the same at my local. One absolutely amazing spot, and one perfectly placed windsock…

This is super cool even though the fence ruined it haha. I’m actually born from San Diego so seeing photos of KSAN honestly feels like I’m back home. Keep up the good work!

Thank you!

Yes 🙁

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Team die Fence!!

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Haha I so agree!

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Die fence die! Lol

I love the New Mexico livery and delta A330!

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In starting to think that actually rolls is a fence spotter and the aircraft keep getting in the way.




Find me a fence community 😜

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Lol, I’ll try