I will miss you all in the sky but I thank you for the amazing time I have had!

Well hello IFC. Today I bring you my first topic with sadness’s in it. You may be asking why. If so let me explain.

One year ago today I asked for an Infinite Flight Subscription from my parents. They said I would have to pay them back for it. I said okay. (I did just before you all jump to conclusions) So I got my subscription. I loved it! The casual server was the craziest thing I have ever seen! It was great with all the aircraft. Remember back then I did not use anywhere in the world. Just Heathrow. I loved it.

But there was one problem, I could not land. I kept trying and it did now work. (A way I found the IFC but I will talk about then when I have my anniversary on the IFC) I wanted to give up, cancel my one year subscription. But I could not. So I kept trying and finally got it. I remember the moment I did my first landing in global. I actually have a screen recording of it. EGLL-LFPG in a Ryanair! I know. I did not care. I loved it.

  • Fast forward a few months and I am grade 2. Training Server, yay… it was still very funny. It was there I learned that a violation was… the hard way. Haha.

  • Fast forward another couple of months I was grade 3. I loved that, the realism, the ATC. Everything about the Expert Server was amazing. I am sure most if us know that, so I will leave it there.

  • But that brings us onto today, the day that subscription expired. I am sad, no more Infinite Flight. I will miss it. I can’t get a new one until some time in 2021. I know. So I will miss all of you. So I am going to take this time to thank you all for an amazing Infinite Flight experience.

A few shout outs:

Thank you all developers for all the hard work they have put into making Infinite Flight amazing!

Thank you Seb for all you do in the #support to make sure everyone is having a great time on Infinite Flight!

Thank you Misha for the amazing events you have created!

Thank you Tyler for all the hard work you put into the ATC Schedule and the tutorials!

Thank you IFAET for making our airports look incredible!

Thank you IFATC for all the hard work you have put into controlling our Expert Server Skys!

Thank you IFC for all the fun I have had in VA’s and events!

There is so many people I could say but I don’t have time for that

That is about all I have to say, thank you for the time I have had. No I am not leaving the IFC or becoming less active. I will try to be more active. No I am not leaving Infinite Flight, when I have the money etc I will join you once again!

Thank you, hopefully it is not too long before I can join you once again
Bye for now

Over one year these are my live stats:


It’s always sad when a subscription ends, hopefully you can be back in the skies soon! hopefully you won’t miss much :)

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I hope so too! Thank you :)


So sad… Hope to see you in the Infinite Skies again soon!

Me too, thank you :)

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Sad to see you go

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Hopefully not for too long!

My happiness due to you staying with us at the IFC is more powerful than sadness to see you go ❤️

Hope you can fly soon!!!

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Me too, thank you very much :)

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I will miss seeing you in the sky! When you get your subscription back, I’ll do a flight with you! Maybe everyone else could join!

Not even an hour a day… scrub 😒

Friendly joking aside, although you’ll be out of Infinite Flight, you’ll still be with me this and on other forums. (You can never escape me…👀)

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This. Is. So. Sad.🥺

I low key wanna offer you a subscription on my behalf, free 🤔

I hope you’ll still be as active on the IFC though!



Thank you

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Don’t worry, I am sure I will be back in the sky soon!

Don’t worry:


I always get upset everytime my Infinite Flight subscription nears it’s end. But yeah, that’s how life and I just need to move on from it for the meantime until I can afford for another subscription

Your subscription may end today, but not with your journey in Infinite Flight Community. Hope you can convince your parents to buy you a new one and looking forward to see you again in the skies 😄

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That is impossible, hopefully not long until I can get a new one.

Thank you for your kind words :)

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Always sad when we see a member go… glad you are still staying on the IFC though, helping others out! Looking forward to seeing you in the virtual skies again some day :)
Happy Flying :D

Fun Fact: International Unicorn day is April 9th, make sure to put it in your diary, after all every Staff member deserves a Birthday thread! 🦄

Haha, thank you :)

My good mate, Luke, it is definitely sad to see you go for the time being, at least you are staying around and being active here on the forum.

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