"I will intercept you"

I was just flying into KJFK, and I heard what seemed to be an aircraft with the callsign “I will intercept you”. But then I heard that phrase said with no instructions. Note this was right before my game crashed because my Ipad is unable to handle that many planes, for this reason, I’m unsure if there was more to that message. Either way, I’m just curious if this is a new Callsign or something or what is happening. Because hearing that as your approaching an airport is slightly scary.


I’ve seen that guy before. It’s no conspiracy


I hadn’t heard that before today. Nor had the person I was flying with.

There’s a pilot that uses the Callsign: Escort Me.

Wasn’t much of an escort as he flew through my aircraft quite a bit and then never contacted Unicom. He’s back on the Training Server now.


Check this guy stalking earlier, probably very intimidating if the pilot knows he’s there!image

Hahaha thats me on eham.😂
He made a quick descend into eham, and i tried to keep on with it.

There is actually a plane flying very close to me whose callsign is “I Will Intercept You” with a display name of Johnny Cash. Who is this person, really?

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People like to have fun with their display names, however some people take it too far and literally and don’t take into account that people may not want to be bothered or buzzed by another aircraft or even in close proximity.


TO be fair, they’re definitely allowed to do anything as long as it doesn’t warrant a violation. But I see what you’re saying.

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If you break separation (3nm lateral, 1000’ vertical) on the expert server you risk being ghosted - not recommended. Also inconsiderate.

Now if this is casual, different story.

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If your approaching or departing an airport with atc on expert, can the controllers see the two planes that break separation? Like on the pilots mini Map how the other plane turns yellow,

I as flying in. The username confused me also. I was more preoccupied with approach being inactive for like a minute though. Not saying approach was bad for leaving just as soon as he left everyone went straight to intercept

They don’t turn colors for us but we can see everyone’s altitude, etc. on a large map. Maintaining separation is the #1 job for ATC and is something that we (IFATC) watch closely for.

Closely behind #1 is maximizing use of the runway when busy. Getting people in and out safely and quickly.

He is by La Guardia right now. He is flying over the New York area.

I’ll try and intercept him now. What server?

expert. He is probably gone although I will look for him.

I was just chasing someone down on TS1, I’ll get on expert soon. What’s his call sign? Has it changed? Username?

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No his callsign is the same, he is flying from JFK to CYYR

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Citation X

Getting in an F-22, spawning at KBOS. I’ll try and get on his left side, wing rock, flash lights, etc. normal intercept procedures.

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