I Will Fly Around the Entire World within One Day

Just to let you guys know, when Global Flight comes, I WILL be the first person to fly around the entire world. You cannot stop me. If you’d like to do it with me though (which takes a lot of patience), then I’ll plan a flight. But I will still be in the front. Like I said, nobody can stop me.


What if I get in a F-22 and break the sound barrier😏 I’ve already started making space for global. I’ve got 14Gb so far.


I’ll just have to get in my F-22 as well. 😂

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Haha, you think you’re all cool with an f-22? I got my Cessna 172 ready to go!


It’ll probably take you literally like a whole day just to fly around the world. And if fuel burn is added, don’t even think about it. 😂😂


Haha, you think you’re cool with you 172. I got my decathlon ready to go!


What if the SR-71 is added too? It’ll save us so much time!


You have the Blackbird…

NickChan on the other hand… maybe he would have the bird! 😂


Omg Nat yes

And then we have the possibility of him choosing between a small bird and a large bird… like a sparrow and an eagle? A hawk? A falcon? Hahaha all the fighter jet names start to come out 😂


You won’t be the first person. Back in July of 2015 you could cross region borders, and I flew around the world. Don’t know if I was the first person, but you lost your chance. Lol.


So you literally took off from one airport, held your throttle and landed at the same airport again?

Well, I stalled and crashed after returning to the same region. It wasn’t meant to fly around the world. It was to test if the region would reload when your returned. You may be the first person to land safely after flying around the world, but you won’t be the first person to fly around the world.

The real question is… If you flew around the entire world in real life, but your plane crashed and you never landed, does it still really count as flying around the world? I guess so… Oh well. I’ll be the first person to land safely, and everybody can come see the landing! :)

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Literally it doesn’t count, but I crashed in the same region as takeoff, so it technically counts.

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Lol I can’t believe you guys are actually arguing about who’s the real first :P

Just enjoy flying, alright? 😂

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I wouldn’t have called it an argument. Lol

I’d prefer if we had the whole group of enthusiastic people split into two groups… One flying eastwards and one flying westwards! :D


What is Global Flight and when is it coming?

Global Flight is self explanatory. It’s flight, but this time you can fly all over the world instead of in one region. When is it coming?