I went to space… AGAIN!

                           T-MINUS 5, 4, 3, 2,1 

That’s right, I went to SPACE again!

As we get blasted off, we encountered this spectacular sunrise

You know what this is kinda beautiful!

Passengers must be enjoying this view 😎

The curvature of the earth 🌎

Cockpit view 👌

I dunno but I love how the light just seams through the earth between dark and day 🌅

New CRJ livery leaked?? 😱😱🥵

Oops… Maybe the passengers are too scared and just left… :(

No worries tho! We still got Dan and Laura chilling in their seats! 😎😉

Which photo did you like the most?

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  • Photo 2
  • Photo 3
  • Photo 4
  • Photo 5
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  • Photo 9

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It was pretty fun but there’s one thing that I don’t think is pretty realistic
I still hear engine sounds in space. Sounds don’t transfer in vacuums? Jkjk

CRJ 200
Casual Server



Nice shots! #1 is just 🤌🤌🤌

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Thank you! Took me a while to edit ha

you did it in the crj200 now do it in the challenger 350


I did already lol
I just didn’t post it

how does one get to space

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Through the bug in replay mode :)

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how tho? lol

Wayy! Space again! In the Brand new CL35! nice one

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i think you click short final and you pause your game and wait 5 minutes and when you replay it should sent you to space

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“Now flat IFers can know what the earth truly looks like!”

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you have inspired me to also go to space lol

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Amazing photos! I’m so glad you gave your passengers an opportunity to enjoy and explore outer space on their own.

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@If.EnglandYT @ayyjay @DJW @Darkspoul @Captain_Lolz Thank yall for the comments! Glad you enjoyed the photos! 😉


Just a question that everyone ask so much, how do you went in space?

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I messaged you :)
But if others are also wondering. Here’s how I actually do it.
I spawned a plane (any plane) in an airport in short final. Pause the game for 3-5 minutes then continue it and land the plane. Open it in replay and you may be able to find ur plane being blasted into outer space. It may take a while so patience is crucial. Happy space flying I guess! :)

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Flat earthers when they see that the earth is not flat:


No problem mate! Anytime

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