I wasted my time (on Aerofly)!

I’m a lifelong flight sim aficionado. For quite some time I have gone back-and-forth between IF and Aerofly. I have enjoyed and tended to prefer Aerofly’s graphics but hate how much storage it takes up on my phone. I’ve also been bored by the physics… Just feeling like it wasn’t right and more “arcadey”. I finally tried IF Pro and I have gotten completely sucked in to flying routes all over the world, visiting places I’ve never been, or places I love, and flying imaginary passengers anywhere I want to go. I’m addicted to it now! It’s my escape and every day I’m thinking of a new route to fly.

Then this week I join this community and I can’t believe the number of people that are here who enjoy exactly what I do! I love reading the discussions almost as much as I love flying IF! I haven’t been bold enough to try multiplayer yet. I feel like I’ll do something stupid that will make other people mad. But maybe I’ll give it a shot sometime soon.

I’m finally ready to delete Aerofly and want the developers to know how much I appreciate the hard work it has to take to create and maintain such a quality sim. I know some people complain about this and that. But if you had told me 10 years ago that I would be flight simming every night on my phone… and have global scenery (without storing it on my phone) with such immersion, I never would’ve believed you.

A tip of the cap to the developers and the community. What an amazing group this is! I hope I can get even more out of IF in the years to come. My next step is to try to learn multiplayer. But I’m just so grateful IF is here at all!

Keep flying! ✈️ ☀️


Love to hear that you’re enjoying Infinite Flight so far! It’s also great to have you here on the community with us. If you’d like, leave a positive review on the App Store/Google Play Store, every review counts!


Glad to see you coming to Infinite Flight and the community!

Let me tell you, flying on multiplayer is totally worth it, it’s like no other sim’s online flying. Once you have the confidence to fly on expert server, you’ll never look back!


Gosh…that’s a cool story,

Step 1, copy and paste this in your review on your App Store, and add 5 stars
Step 2, Go tell your friends!
Step 3, time for a long haul 😃


Thanks! I need to do some studying up and practice for sure. I really am apprehensive about multiplayer. I basically bought pro for global and fly solo all the time. But that makes me want to give it a go!

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Don’t be afraid to try out multiplayer! You can always start on the casual server although most users are typically trolls on that server. That’s why you can progress onto more realistic servers and better pilots as you increase experience and flight time! We also have rhe user guide if you ever need assistance with flying and communicating with ATC!


Perfect! Thank you!

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Just to let you know, there are multiple servers and you won’t, or can start on the professional one at first. There will be a Casual Server (where there are no rules) and a Training Server (Training purposes) before the Expert Server. So no need to be scared of multiplayer, its one of the best aspects of the game!

Other than that, welcome to IF and the IFC. Glad to have you here. Feel free to PM me for anything you are wondering about or if you want to fly!

Have a great day :)


Done! I added a line about how supportive and encouraging the community is as well! Thanks!


Infinite Flight has 3 live servers. Of which Expert Server is for the “professional” players.

Casual Server

  • For messing about and learning
  • Grades 1, 2 and 3

Training Server

  • Setting up for Expert Server or training for IFATC
  • Grades 1-3

Expert Server

  • For people that take the game more seriously
  • Grades 3+

Don’t worry about messing up on the servers, mistakes are mistakes, you learn from them and put the lessons from the mistakes into use, and you grow from the mistake. I am definitely looking forward to seeing you in the sky!


Thank you very much! I’ll do that! I’m already overwhelmed by how welcoming this group is. Aerofly it feels like you are flying alone. This truly feels like a club of enthusiasts and I’m getting hooked!


So happy to hear you enjoying IF and the wonderful Community we got here!

Hope you try out multiplayer soon you will be just fine the first two servers are for people like you to learn!

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Thank you! That makes me feel more comfortable about it!

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Wr surely are a massive community of av-geeks. Another great thing about this community is the virtual airlines! They are basically airlines based in IF with Ranks, Routes, Crew Centers to log flights to give you a more realistic simulation. You don’t have to join any, but you can consider it sometime in the future. You can find out more about them at ifvarb.com or #live:va!

Once again welcome, its great to have you on-board!


Glad to have you full-time with us. I was in a similar predicament but with X-Plane and IF, obviously making the better choice.

In regards to multiplayer, don’t be hesitant, the Casual server, which is the server you’ll play on first, is full of people who will make mistakes. If you want help or someone to guide you through the process, feel free to message me!

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Congrats! Trust me once you get online you’ll be more addicted😉

@OKTwister23 you have made the right decision!
IF is far the best plane sim there is!
And its going to get better with new updates coming up and reworked planes. I am an aviation geek like most are here and there’s many here who share the same passion for planes and aviation in general.
IFC is a great community and you can make awesome friends and talk about stuff - all here:)) plus with VA, IFATC and many associates memberships, it’ll keep you busy😎 and it’s people from walks of life. Very diverse group. And yes I agree @CaptainRyan it’s addictive just to warn ya!

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@tjb0709 This makes me excited to dig in deeper. I always just do solo mode and just everyone being so welcoming and encouraging makes me want to do more! Thank you!

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@tunamkol Oh wow that is amazing! I feel like I only knew about the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more than I even realized!

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Welcome to “addicted to Infinite Flight” group! Great to see new members joining in 😇