I was wrongly reported

I was wrongly reported today, when I requested pushback, the act told me to expect runway 14 and went offline, so I considered the current active runway in the real world and went for runway 9 after contacting the Unicom. Then he comes online again after I have taxied halfway and tells me to look for assistance regarding act instructions. I accept that it was my fault too. But then he does not even respond to the requests I was making for another 10 minutes. I was the ONLY person at the airport and I was not being given any clearance, not even cancelled takeoff clearance. Just no reply. And after waiting for so long, I entered the runway and he reports me for doing it. I am a frequent flyer and I just don’t want to miss out another week of flying on the expert and moreover today my home airport had active at.please look into this. Thank you.

I’ll PM you once I’ve done controlling. Thank you. :)