I was wrongfully reported

So I was in a a319 easyJet at Dublin about 15 mins ago and I was cleared to texi and got to the runway and switched to the tower. Then the ground told me to go back on to them but I thought that was a mistake as I was holding short the runway and then got reported for taxing without permission?

Mind opening up your logbook and seeing who was the IFATC that reported you?

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Yes, if you could see who the controller at the time was you can PM them or they can PM you to explain the reasoning behind your report.

@mwe2187 might be your guy, as he his controlling GND/TWR right now, PM him when you get a chance.

If not, please open your logbook and see which controller you were reported by

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I’ll create a PM with @Ethan_Hansen and you as he was the controller. This way he’ll be able to provide an explanation for the reporting.