I was very lucky!

Due to a unknown reason, that 787 had to make a longer approach.

I was looking at the sky and seeing strange lights flashing (the 787 ones are different than usual). I checked FR24 then i saw it was an 787.

I was very lucky because i was just going off a house when the plane start to turn in front of me. The trip was 2 minutes length then when we have arrived, the plane was turning again but… just over me 😵!

This is a chance because it was a Qatar 787 the only 787 going to Geneva :)

Just wanted to share this with you guys :)

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Please post this on the Flightradar24 findings topic, thanks.


This isn’t a FR24 finding. Just a plane doing something rare over me

(Edit I forget to add a real pic)

So it’s a rare FR24 spot in that case 🙄