I was thinking today... about a joystick.

I know it’s most likely not gonna happen anytime soon, but a joystick for IF would be pretty awesome. Just put your phone or tablet on the table and play! Let’s say it would be 50 to 100 dollar/euro. Anyone interested? Just curious as this is a mobile app.

  • I would pay to play IF with a joystick
  • Not sure since my phone works like a joystick already
  • No, my phone is fine
  • No, too expensive

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I never heard a software company charged money to use your own input device. I seen software/hardware company upgrade stuff and charge you extra on new release or unviel as complete software upgrade and charge you extra. But never for specific hardware input and charge you money for it. Unless they made partnership with the hardware company and took some cut from sale for approving the hardware. I can’t get my head around this idea. This is like apple charging you to use your own headphones. I got no option to vote ;)

Now, if you were to be able to control IF on your tablet/phone with your joystick if it is connected to your PC/Mac, what’d you guys think?


@carmalonso I’d love to be able to fly in IF on Mac with a joystick 🙌


If its come out like that and with list of improvements and joystick support and this upgrade (keep in mind Upgrade not update) cost you this money. I’m fine with that. Thats normal way of doing business. Not like you have to pay £5 to plug your own joystick. Is not like I won’t get it, I will be very tempted and might get it straightway for the quality of the product but ethically IF will loose some respect from me.

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This one is concept, never came to market.

This one will cost you over £250. I think Matt fly with this or testing.

And with this 2in1 you can use it to drive ground vehicle in the future. It’s free at the moment if you can get to scrapyard.


@GatwickGuy Concept photo looks like something I could fabricate easily, actual pivotal movement could be underneath the main looking panel where moving the joystick has no actual signal input but rather moves the panel up/down and left/right!! Low tech observation 😎

The concept thing indeed looks really cool. Would love to have something like that.

Heck yeah!

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