I was thinking of new VA

would anyone want to create a VA i was thinking Air new zealand???

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Check this thread out prior to making a VA there are a few requirements.
All your questions about making a VA can be answered there

and any questions can be directed to this thread

I might be mistaken but i think you can’t make an Air New Zealand because of copy right issues, like non-stop virtual is based of Lufthansa. You can do something like that:)


If you are looking to create a VA, don’t do it just because it sounds like a good idea or somebody wants you to, do it because you personally have the interest and dedication to make it happen.

The VA doesn’t currently exist, but you will need some resources and preparation before you start. A good website, IFC thread and established staff team is always a good start. Put plenty of work and effort into it, people don’t pay attention to a half effort thread.


thank you i will

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I think It would be a great idea

Hello there! Air New Zealand is banned on IFVARB due to copyright restrictions. Sorry!

Not so much.

Better have seen IFVARB website.

You can always create a VA that’s based on a real world counterpart, such as Nonstop Virtual which is inspired by Lufthansa.


Agreed but ANZ is a big nono.

Copyright restrictions prohibit you from using their name and advertising. There is nothing to stop someone from creating a virtual group using Air New Zealand aircraft provided they don’t use the name or logo.


Exactly! But using the name is CC. So in my opinion if he’s interested in the Aussie and New Zealand coasts, he can create a VO, based off flights amongst the 2 countries, even though Oceanic Virtual Group exists.

I’m building my own VA currently based off the American Allegiant. It’s going really well, PM me for any help!

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All due respect, I don’t need to PM you for help 😜

I’m just making sure the OP gets the most accurate information possible

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Not you, @Dreadjack888! 😂

@Akms_Aviation: That airline is being actively reserved, please make sure to check ifvarb.com before posting.

@Dreadjack888: If you want to create a VA, I suggest taking a look at other VAs, what a VA encompasses, since starting a VA is a grueling, hard-working, and long process. It is crucial that the VA you are starting is the best of quality, not just because the title of “CEO” is prestigious. As a CEO myself, I cannot start to explain how important it is to put in the work. It is a huge commitment, and you need to be prepared before you hit the apply button on the IFVARB application.

I suggest doing further research, coming up with a solid plan and foundation, and then going from there.


Ok then! Forgot to check! 😂

@Dreadjack888 I’d recommend you start a FlyDubai VA. They recently closed down and from what I know, they were had a huge partnership with Emirates VA.

Good Luck!

Air New Zealand be vibing different here…

😂 Agreed my g.

I would just like to be hired by a va

We did have a big partnership with FlyDubai however I never realised they closed down, if they did I would totally recommend creating it :)

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