I was the FIRST PERSON to

Hello there !
Immediately when the A350 came out, I quickly hoped on Infinite Flight and flew the worlds longest flight from Singapore-Newark !
I did break multiple records in this flight (more info in the video)
Here’s the time lapse I made if your interested


Heyo! This belongs in the #screenshots-and-videos category, and you might want to try putting the link down one line on its own so it works. Thanks! :)


Link works for me, and I think it belongs here as I flown the route

I guess you could share 🤷‍♂️ But it does belong in #screenshots-and-videos so if you could just move it there this would be allowed, also take the advice @anon41771314 gave you it will make it look nicer.

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Could you please explain how it belongs there ?

This is the purpose of the #screenshots-and-videos category. Its fine here.

Nice job on the video and flight.

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But please explain why that is

You posted a video, this category is for screenshots and videos of Infinite Flight. The category was made to separate them so they have better exposure.


Ok, thanks for explaining it :)

This is also explained in the category introduction topic.

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Well I couldn’t find that, it would be better if it was in a clearer spot

Its a pinned post inside of every category.


yes, I remember watching this… Nice video, smooth landing by the way!

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Nice video but that landing…😍

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If your talking about highest wind speed as a record broken, think again 😉

Me, @anon38496261 and a few others hold the title at over 1000kts of wind

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Fantastic time lapse! Great work!


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