I was taxing my 757 at klax and this happened

Please send your replay to @appeals and they will reverse this for you.

In the future, clear your scenery cache in Settings > General.

The @appeals channel is only there for level 2 and above tho

not if it’s a glitch

Don’t worry, they’ll handle this as well due to the fact that it wasn’t your fault.

How fast were you taxing?

It looks like you got a level one violation (I.E. taxing to fast etc.) and that exceeded the rules of the server you were in.

It’s an aerobatics violation, most likely for falling through the ground. As stated above, clearing scenery cache should fix it

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It was 5 knots and I was turning right

Oh, didn’t see that.

I have the replay video but it won’t let me attach it

If you contact @appeals, they’ll help you :)

Please feel free to contact @appeals as mentioned above and we would be happy to assist you.

Thanks for the help everyone, hope you all have an amazing day!