I was Reported on my first time as 3rd grade expert server

Hello pilots and ATC! Today I just found out I was in 3rd grade, so then I went on my first expert server to check it out ! I was so excited at that time. When I got in the server I was at EGLL and my call sign was “Southwest0614” I requested to taxi and everything was fine. A few moments later I was approved to taxi. There was a plane coming from the opposite direction and then I got a message from ATC saying to let the plane ahead go first, so then I tried to set the parking brake to let the plane go but my screen was glitching, after it stopped I went through the plane by accident. Then a second later I got reported for it. I was so sad that I was literally about to cry not trying to sound like a baby but it was my first server as a 3rd grade and I was really excited. But all I want to do is talk to the ATC controller that reported me and clarify what happened. I completely understand why she did that but I didn’t have no control and the screen glitched, so please @InsideFlight if this is you please message me I want to clarify what really happened I would really appreciate it! I think that’s the username I looked in the logbook and it said
“ [IFATC InsideFlight] ” because they are many of those usernames it might be @DimitriB who ever it is message me please!


You’re looking for @DimitriB. Send them a PM to discuss your questions and concerns.

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I’ve let him know. He will contact you shortly

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He knows about him but he’s a new user. Inside flight will contact him shortly. Please read topic fully before commenting

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If you read the last four lines of his post, he’s confused which inside flight he’s looking for. I simply told him the right account. No need to get snappy at me for “not reading the whole post.”

Best regards.

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This has been taken into a PM. Thanks


I don’t want there to be any issues. Safe flights 😊

Thank you! I messaged both of them because I didn’t know which one but thank you both! I’ll let y’all know when he contacts me

You as well. Take care