I was reported intentionally and due to that i was downgraded from Grade 3 to Grade 2

You must wait for a week and you will be back again.

According to the Grade 3 Requirements you must not have a report in the last 24 hours and within the last 7 days.

A week goes by pretty quick. Now would be a good time to get some good circuit work in with the TBM or A10. :)


Im very confused how this was intentional?

Somebody may’ve reported him because they were toxic or simply were spamming report on multiple other players.

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I believe the only way you can get reported right now is ATC.


Right you are. ATC on the expert server

Hey man which server were you on ?

I believe I found your account and it appears you were ghosted for entering a runway without the controller’s permission. If you double check your logbook and confirm who the controller was we can further assist here and have a discussion with the controller.



Hello Mr Levet
The controller name that reported me is Dylan Bright
I was preparing to do VIDP-VABB flight on December 19th(Domestic Dreamliner).
I taxied to the runway 10 ,then i waited the flight ahead me to depart.After almost 2 minutes i believed that i’m allowed to enter runway 10.After that the controller told me to exit the runway so i did that.Seconds later i was reported

I entered the runway believing that i’m allowed,then the controller told me “exit the runway” so i did,seconds later i was reported

You should never enter the runway unless instructed to by a controller. Most likely a plane was on final and about to land.

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If the ATC instructed you to “Line Up Runway 10 and wait”, then you were allowed to enter and wait till you have a safety distance from the departed aircraft. But if the ATC instructed to “hold Runway 10” then you should hold runway 10 which means you haven’t been cleared to enter the runway. Best thing to do is to PM the ATC.

The controller was @Dylan_Bright, best to send him a PM

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Continuing in a PM :)