I was reported for Spotting on the RSA

I was reported for spotting while I clearly labeled my intention in my name

You are not at a parking stand ?

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@Twocflyer is your guy. Contact him via pm

But it appears you are holding short of a runway head, meaning planes fly right above you, which would be too close.

Let me just take a guess a what the response will be

”PM the controller”

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Message @Twocflyer to discuss it further

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That’s what happens when you enter a runway without permission 😂


Oh I was right lol

The parking stand was too far from the runway but I wasent on the runway

Still you can only spot at the stand 🤦🏻‍♂️

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It’s the localizer area so 200 feet

That’s where freecam comes in mate, leave the aircraft at the stand and freecam where you want to sit.


My first time I didnt know

This was defienietly too close. Also , you can enter free camera and spot.

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Friendly Reminder ;)

Isn’t it enough with only person saying contact “@ XXXX”? When you see multiple people typing, the best is to wait and see what other write to not repeat what already has been said, thank you 🙂


But I wasent distracting anyone

An aircraft that close to a runway, is an issue and distraction. If I saw that, I would perform a go around.

Yes, But IFATC try and make it realistic. Some aircraft could’ve gone around because they would’ve thought you were on a runaway, also some aircraft could touch your tail which kills the realism.

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As with all ghosting complaints, please contact the controller via PM.