I was reported for no reason

This guy, Juan, who was controlling KHOU GROUND, reported me because I didn’t have permission to land, although he wasn’t even controlling tower. I was on the KHOU Unicom, and thanks to his faulty report, I’m back to Grade 2. My user is Flightfighter56.

IFATCs don’t report for no reason. I guess what you mean is that you don’t know the reason.

Check your Logbook find out who reported you and contact this person via direct message. Make sure you specify the airport, the time and your callsign at the time.


The controller has been notified and will message you once he is done controlling.


I looked so many times if there was a tower frequency, there wasn’t, so maybe it was either he wasn’t controlling and he didn’t realize, or it was a bug.

Not much point to discuss here further. Talk to the controller.


How do I DM him?

Must be trust level 1

I’m sure he will contact you as @Transport_Hub stated


Just wait until the controller contacts you.

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Probably a dumb question, but how do I know that he has DMed me? Does it show up like everything else or is it something special?

You will see a green circle pop up beside your pfp on the upper right corner. Hit that and you will see who sent the DM and you can begin discussing

You will have a green (1) on your profile picture in the top-right corner. Click the profile picture and a list of notifications will show up. You will see “Transport_Hub” in bold and after that the words are the topic. Click it.

Ok, thanks

The controller will send me reasoning and a screenshot once he closes. Sit tight and I’ll share that here when I have it.


Thanks for your patience, @Legomaniac. I’ve reversed the ghost for you. That said, the controller was open on tower but you couldn’t hear his on guard messages. We’ll investigate that separately but until then we’ve briefed to our controllers to always give the pilot the benefit of the doubt and assume they can’t hear you rather than ignoring on purpose. We’re always learning! Sorry you got caught on the bad end of that but you’re all set now.