I was reported for a MOD's own tast

So I was doing some flying in a C-130 Coast Guard livery to Patrol San Francisco harbor and I saw another C-130 As I came close I was doing 380 knots Decending I saw it was a MOD Infinite%20Flight_2019-04-25-13-45-25|830x466 that guy he said I came close but it was approximately a 300 foot distance apart and he was on final I already talked with him but he said too fast too low but I was in a Millitary Plane there where no NOTAMS the area was clear

he was in a strait line and I passed he reported me for no apparent reason? Also As I departed I cleared traffic by climbing high and I was too high to have a good decent the C-130 didnt have spoilers so I had to go and throttle was at 0 but still I gained speed.

Hello please PM @anon66442947 directly to discuss it.

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Hey buddy, talk to @anon66442947 privately about it. And no need to post the same topic twice ;)
I was reported for trying to get in Formation

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I talked to him he is not understanding

Tom’s a very experienced moderator and controller with a fantastic sense of what is and isn’t a violation. Unfortunately, if he says the ghosting will stand, it’ll stand. Apologies for the inconvenience!